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Exclusive College Grants from Editius for Expert Thesis Editing

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Brief info About Editius Thesis Editing Grant

Firstly, we need to say that college grants offering for thesis editing was out of our strategy. Nonetheless, a lot of customers are wondering about whether we could widen our program. Since thesis editing is a complex task, we decided to meet the students halfway. In this case we added a thesis editing grant to our program.

We are deeply excited about this decision. Firstly, some of our team members were against adding Editius Grant for Expert Thesis Editing to the scholarship and grant program. Yet, we managed to change their mind. Now it available!

Our grant ensures an opportunity to get Thesis Editing for one Master’s and one Ph.D. student without charging any funds from you. What is special about the college grants, that you can get editing for a thesis with no limits for word count (yet mind the word count standard for one thesis). The only provision is that this thesis should be for a postgraduate degree for the USA University.

How will we estimate your applications? There are two factors: academic achievements and fiscal matters. Our main goal is to help persevering and dedicated students. We want to help those who couldn’t themselves pay for professional editing services without our grant. Thesis editing stage is very important to make this paper flawless. It became more important when universities added a requirement for the thesis to follow publication rules. That is why we decided to make your life easier and added this grant to our program.

The Application Stages

Applications are currently OPEN.

The Application dates are from 1 August 2022 to 9 November 2022.

We will reveal the names of grant winners on 14 December 2022. From this moment, the winner will have up to 12 months to activate the grant and use our professional thesis editing service.

The Editius College Grants for Expert Thesis Editing will be handed based on educational achievements and financial matters. Every application will be accurately checked and estimated by our experts. The winning students will be chosen designedly by the Editius team. The final decision cannot be a subject to further remedy.

We have written a FAQ section for our Grants program, so check it if you want to get more information about Thesis Editing Grant.

If you don’t find the answers in our FAQ section, contact our support team by e-mail [email protected]. You may also contact our support if you have some other questions.

Acceptability measures

Before creating an application for thesis editing grant, please verify your eligibility according the following points:

  • you should be enrolled in a postgraduate degree at the USA university;
  • it is allowed to get degree by coursework or research paper, but you have to be obliged to write a thesis;
  • the thesis should be consistent with word count instructions from your University. We ensure editing for unlimited word count, but it shouldn’t be longer than the required limit from your university;
  • you may be both internal and external student;
  • you may be a US or foreing student;
  • full-time students are prefered for getting the grant. If you are a part-time student, you can create an inquiry only if you can approve the career obligations or medical status that doesn’t allow you to study full-time;
  • you can’t be an applicant if you are a staff member or partner of Editius (or you are a part of a family of staff or partner).

How to apply for Grant

You need only to complete the application form and ensure the required documents to become an applicant. Please, be confident about checking that you correspond to all our terms and conditions as the applicant before sending the form.

If you are interested in measures for protecting personal data, check our Privacy Policy.

Let’s Do This Together

Editius team of experts will read your document to improve the language and formatting. Simultaneously, we will check the referencing and edit it (if necessary). The final draft of the document will be of high quality and available for publication. We assure that our professionals will make your thesis the best, so your academic reputation will be of the highest possible level.

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